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Asset Management in your Interest

TIMBERMAN Asset Management AG originated as ZB Consulting Partners AG, changed its name and has been re-oriented to meet future regulatory challenges. 
We offer an ideal platform for independent asset managers desirous to safeguard their autonomy. The TIMBERMAN license ensures compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, under our continuous monitoring and supervision. 


TIMBERMAN offers clients privileged access to a network of professionals in the fields of auditing, tax, insurance, real estate, and fiduciary services. Our purpose is to advise our clients holistically, be it in the context of real estate financing, or private equity transactions through company valuations and company takeovers.  

We have a direct connection to suitable custodian banks for all services.


We have established the technical prerequisites enabling clients to consolidate and map their portfolios and securities deposits with third-party banks at any time.  Transaction monitoring is integrated with anti-money laundering guidelines as part of a well-functioning CRM system (customer data management).  This facilitates the implementation of automated internal controls with timely risk reporting.


TIMBERMAN is a member of PolyReg/PolyAsset – General Self-Regulation Association – and is audited annually with regard to anti-money laundering and due diligence requirements. Once the new FinIA, FinSA and FinIO rules and regulations come into force on 01.01.2020, TIMBERMAN will apply to join the new regulatory organization within the first passage.

Christine Zimmermann

Chair of the Board of Directors


Phone:  +41 44 261 02 21


AudiBa AG, Audit & Advisory

- Pfäffikon

Regulatory Support

Compliance & Risk Management

Corporate Governance

Phone  +41 44 261 02 22

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