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The Swiss    Way of Finance

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Asset Management with Purpose & Meaning

Transparent and target-oriented

TIMBERMAN Asset Management AG manages your assets in the framework of an asset management mandate, free of conflicts of interest. After careful analysis, investments are handpicked by our Investment Committee based on the recommendations of our associated banking partners. Your portfolio is composed of our list of recommended investments, with due regard to your long-term asset goals and taking into account your risk profile and pension scheme.

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Services & Competencies

Investment consulting tailored to your needs

For the active investor, we offer personal consulting and systematic portfolio monitoring.

We take the investment decisions based on the power of attorney in the asset management mandate. You benefit from our prudent asset management without any time expenditure. The investment strategy is tailored to your risk profile and is consistently implemented and monitored.

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We support, advise and accompany you into self-employment. Our platform is available for:

  • Licensing as "Ordinary Asset Manager"

  • Legal, compliance and risk-management monitoring and reporting

  • Customer relationship management (CRM), on-boarding process for new clients

  • Payments and cash management 

  • Maintaining contacts and exchanging information with custodian banks and authorities 

  • Monitoring investment policy, portfolio management, and investment instruments

  • Synchronization and consolidation of securities accounts

  • Fiduciary services such as bookkeeping with securities accounting, payroll and social insurances, taxes, company incorporations

  • Ongoing and advanced training

Would you like to know more about our offer? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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